'Doing Sudarshan Kriya is the best'

Doing Sudarshan Kriya is the best | Sudarshan Kriya

...says model Nethra Raghuraman, who follows the Art of Living

My personal de-stress mantra is...

doing the Sudarshan Kriya, which is the best. I do it everyday for about 20 minutes, and it makes a big difference to my life. I have been following the Art of Living since the past four years. Besides this, I also workout or run, which makes me feel good.

Tips to de-stress...

I have personally experienced shocking changes but in a good way, since I have been following the Art of Living. And so, I highly recommend this to others. I also recommend that people workout regularly as it the keeps the mind and body fit.

Source: Times of India | 16th Feb 2012