Sudarshan kriya, pranayam can cut examination stress

Sudarshan kriya, pranayam can cut examination stress | Sudarshan Kriya

Do you want to get rid of examination stress and score high marks? Just practice sudarshan kriya and pranayam everyday for three to six weeks before the examination, and your stress levels will come down considerably.

Yoga researchers have found that regular practice of sudarshan kriya and pranayam before the examination will help lower total cholesterol (TC), triglycerides (TGL) and very low density lipoprotein (VLDL). This will reduce the stress caused by examination fear.

Dr Swapna Subramanian and her team from the department of medical research, SRM Medical College, collected the blood samples of engineering students before and after practicing sudarshan kriya and pranayam during examinations. Exam stress changes the lipid profile and blood parametres, which may increase the TC, TGL and VLDL count. The change in blood composition includes neutrophils, lymphocytes and platelet count.

Yoga exercises related to sudarshan kriya and pranayam bring back the blood profile to normal levels and remove examination stress in students, particularly when the examination has a vital effect on their career.

“Our results have shown that three to six weeks of sudarshan kriya and pranayam had reduced the elevated lipid profile, haematological parametres and improved lymphocyte levels,” she pointed out.
The yoga exercises of sudarshan kriya and pranayam include neck roll, shoulder rotation and controlled breathing. Some asanas like yoga nidra are also part of the stress relieving exercises.

Source: Deccan Chronicle - Hyderabad