30 years of Sudarshan Kriya

30 years of Sudarshan Kriya | Sudarshan Kriya
BANGALORE: Founded 30 years ago to create a stress-free and non-violent world, the Art of Living gave breathing a new dimension. On September 17, 1981, the Sudarshan Kriya was revealed to AOL founder Sri Sri Ravishankar on the banks of the Bhadra river in Shimoga district. On Saturday, 30 years later, Sri Sri goes back in time and tells STOI about this health-promoting breathing technique. Excerpts:

How did it feel when Sudarshan Kriya was first revealed to you? It was just like giving birth to a long-awaited child.

Why did you observe silence for ten days? Ten days of silence and fasting was an inner calling. I had already travelled around the world. I had taught yoga and meditation. But I wasn't satisfied. I was concerned about how to help people live a happy life. I felt something was lacking. I wanted to bridge the gap between inner silence and outer expression of life. There was something lacking. So I took the vow of silence.

During the ten days of silence, the Sudarshan Kriya came like an inspiration. Nature knows what to give and when to give. After I came out of this silence, I started teaching whatever I knew and people had great experiences.

Who revealed it to you? Not somebody. I had several visions which I'll reveal at the proper time.

Source: The Times of India - Bangalore