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Sudarshan Kriya Testimonials | Sudarshan Kriya
"The Art of Living course practices have changed my life. Negative emotions do not have the same grip on me and they go away faster. I really think my health has improved also. I am strongly recommending the course to all my friends, family, and patients."
- Jyotsna Sahni, Doctor, Tucson, Arizona

"Though my yoga practice has long been essential to my well-being, since I began practicing Sudarshan Kriya, I feel lighter, as though I'm carrying less emotional baggage, while I feel a growing solidity at my core."
- Amy Weintraub, Author of Yoga for Depression

"The Art of Living Course is the most precious gift I have ever received. The knowledge spoken and the practices taught were shared with so much love. I have happiness, strength and peace. The world has been waiting for this course."
- Daniel Mendez, Writer, Houston, Texas

"The Sudarshan Kriya has dissipated alot of the worries and anxieties I had in my life. Now I am able to deal with every day challenges with a feeling of inner strength."
- John Chu, Realtor, Miami, Florida

"Two years ago, I had been suffering from chronic appendicitis and was asked to undergo surgery. Ever since my Kriya practice, I no longer have this pain."
- Muthu (Senior Principal Engineer), Australia

"I learnt the "the art of living ." Living in the now, not in the past or future. Being able to cope with both my positive and negative emotions and being able to handle them in a manner that leaves me unaffected. Enjoying every moment and cherishing everything I have right here, right now."
- Rashmi Patel, Full Time Mother, San Ramon, California

"After doing the sudarshan kriya I have more energy and am relaxed and calm ... and I actually slept well for the first time in 22 years!"
- Robyn Johnson (Housewife), Australia

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